School Policy


Parent Handbook 2010-2011

Please click above to view the Canter parent handbook.

 Student Code of Conduct

Please click above to view the CPS Student Code of Conduct handbook.  All students have heard the most important parts from the Student Code of Conduct handbook and the expectations of Canter behavior has been explained.

Cell Phones

Cell phones CAN NOT BE SEEN OR HEARD at any time in the building…even after school.  If confiscated a parent/guardian must come up to the school to retrieve the phone!


We, the Canter family, feel that in order to improve school climate, student preparedness and student achievement, students must by in class on time and ready to receive instruction.  We do not believe that students should be punished for the time they miss, but a policy must be in place.


  • 1ST tardy – a file is created to keep track of tardies

  • 2nd tardy – parent is called

  • 3rd tardy – parent is called for warning of after school study session

  • 4th tardy – parent is called and after school study session is scheduled


  • 1ST tardy – call home

  • 2nd tardy – call home

  • 3rd tardy – call home and after school study session is scheduled

After school study session starts at 2:15 pm and ends at 3:15 pm.  Any absenteeism for after school study session will result in a Silent Saturday School from 9:00 am – 11:00 am.  If a student does not come to a Silent Saturday School, a parent must meet with adminstration the following Monday in lieu of student one day suspension.

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