IMSA Illinois Math and Science Academy,FUSION is an after-school enrichment program for Illinois students who are talented, interested and motivated in mathematics and science. IMSA FUSION places a special emphasis on students who are historically underrepresented in those areas. The program provides on-going professional development and support for the participating Illinois teachers and administrators.

The IMSA FUSION learning experiences focus on helping students “learn how to learn” and emphasize logic, inquiry, problem-solving, mathematical thinking and experimental scientific thinking. Topics relate to the students’ lives, arouse their curiosity and increase their motivation to learn in mathematics and science.  Students will benefit from an array of unforgettable  experiences ranging from rocket launches and bridge creations to simulated landfills, self-made kaleidoscopes and leaping origami frogs and Newton carts.

*Students are selected to join based on their test scores.*

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IMSA – Illinois Math and Science Academy

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